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Projects & Management Services

Our focus

We obsess over

  • What could be the Best Design solution?
  • What is the right implementation?
  • How can we do this faster maintaining the best quality?
  • What issues are priority?
  • How can we offer the best value for money?
  • How can we ensure the best experience for the client?

to ensure maximum client satisfaction

Our Strengths


Our team has the industry knowledge, skills and expertise that enable us to deliver solutions for your needs.


Every part of project is handled carefully by a team of professionals each an expert in their specific domains, working in perfect synchrony.

3rd Party Associations

Our close relations with our vendors and consultants helps us avoid bottlenecks and enables us to complete the project cost effectively.


When it comes to crunch decisions, we are not dithered because we are confident of our capabilities based on the first-hand knowledge and experiences we have acquired over the years.

What We Do

We aim to provide the best experience for clients, leveraging our excellent vendor networks, OEM associations, Professional Consultant services and most importantly, the combined strength and expertise of everyone at Frameworkz.


Turnkey Solutions
Project Management Solutions
Design Consultancy

We provide turnkey solutions where we go all out and facilitate every process involved including selection, negotiation, space planning, construction co-ordination and complete project execution. We facilitate bringing the customer’s idea to life, providing the right support, turning the vision into reality, exceeding customer’s expectation, enabling in-house technical expertise, deploying high-quality workforce, using models and prototypes, knowing the specification and providing flawless designs. Having the appropriate first-hand knowledge is crucial as this quality helps Frameworkz to have an edge over the competition when it comes to making crunch decisions.

We are proud of showcasing our strengths and abilities whether it be in designing small make-over projects or full-fledged turnkey projects. The routes may differ but the perspective to any project remains the same viz. understanding the business needs, design & engineering, project planning, project execution & implementation, risk management, quality control assurance and transition management.

Services Offered:

Construction Scope Civil, Interiors & Carpentry

Civil Works, Carpentry, and Joinery Works, Platforms and Flooring, Carpet and Soft Floorings, False Ceiling / False Floors / Modular Ceiling, Soft Partitions / Glass Partitions, Solid Doors / Glass Doors, Loose Furniture / Pelmets / Blinds, Painting, Polishing & Finishing Works, Room Signage and Reception Logos, Storages & Shelves

Modular Furniture & Chairs

Cabin / Workstation / Training Room Furniture, Meeting and Conference Room Furniture, Café and Recreation Room Furniture

Loose Furniture Electrical and Associated Works

Sofa Sets / Corner Cables / Centre Tables / Café Chairs Electrical Panels & Boards, Conducting / Trunking / Cable Trays, Raceways / Cabling / Wiring / Terminations, Light Fittings / Power Points, Earthing and Grounding

HVAC System

Ducting & Piping, Grills Dampers and Diffusers, Backup Air-Con Systems with Indoor units

Fire, Access, PA and CCTV System

Fire Alarm Panels / Smoke Detectors / Response Indicators / Manual Call Points, Speakers and Amplifiers, CCTV Cameras and DVRs, Fire Suppression Systems, Cabling / Piping / Conduits, Integration with BMS Systems

IT Passive Networking

Networking Cables / IOs Face Plates, Server Racks and Patch Panels, Cable Punching / Screening / Numbering and Termination, Patch Cords, MDF / Krone / Raiser Cables

We bring along the combined expertise of Frameworkz and its partners across various avenues like planning, preparing, consulting and evaluation. We are aided by the latest technology and can help you out in deciding the right layout and thus realize what you had envisioned. The only add-ons that remain consistent in all our projects are the commitment, co-operation, technical know-how and sincerity

Our projects are meticulously planned out by all the stakeholders involved with the intention of guaranteeing the outcome as desired by the client. Clear focus and strategic plans, well-defined scopes and goals, professional management, structured timelines, resource planning and well thought out contingency plans help us sail through the project execution phase.

Cost, time and quality and the three areas where Frameworkz focuses the most in delivering a successful project.

Services Offered:

Design Brief & Preparation

Budget Preparation, Project Planning, Project Scheduling, Tendering & Evaluation, Preparation of Orders & Agreements, Budgets & Order Tracking

Project Implementation

Project Coordination Meetings, Statutory Documentation, Measurements & Bill Certifications, System Commissioning and Hand Over, As-built Documentation & Submissions, Asset Inventory & Commercial Closures

Frameworkz endeavors to provide you the best design solutions backed by the right implementation strategies. We precisely understand your requirements and will not put you through uncomfortable situations like multiple design revisions etc.

We put in intensive research into our design process and strive to innovate so that we can help the client to properly identify their requirements and to arrive at a decision. Having worked on numerous projects across industries, we at Frameworkz have a knack for transforming your vision into stunning designs. Add to that our experienced resources who possess the industry knowledge and skills, Frameworkz can design and deliver a complete package.

Services Offered:

Architectural / Interior Layouts

Floor Plans, Furniture Layouts, Sections and Elevations, Reflected Ceiling Plans, Detailed Drawings, Scheme and Material Selection, As-Built Drawings.

Electrical Layouts

Single Line Diagram, Raceway & Cable Tray Layouts, Power and Lighting Layouts, UPS Power Layouts, Earthing Layouts.

Fire and Security System

Smoke Detector System Layouts, CCTV System Layouts, Public Address System Layouts, Access Control System Layouts, Fire Extinguisher Layouts, Fire Escape Plans, Fire Suppression Designs.

HVAC System

Ducting and Piping Layouts, Raceway Layout, Power and Lighting Layouts, UPS Power Layouts, Earthing Layouts.

Networking Layouts

Raceway Layouts, Node Point Summary, Access Point Layout, Rack Layout.

Other Services

Signage’s & Surface Branding, Audio Visual Services.

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